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                                    Cuba travel information and what to take with you?

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The blog post is published on 09/03/2023

Since I am a photographer, I also pay attention to photography recommendations, because Cuba is an exceptionally exciting place for photography.

In this post, I will focus specifically on Havana. It is a city of contrasts that has become somehow beautiful in its decay. Every house or wall can tell you its own story. Take your time and explore this disappearing world.

Cuba is not an ordinary country, it has always had its quirks, but knowing them and being open-minded, can charm and absorb you. My tale with this city could be taken as a love and sorrow story. I have been to Cuba five times and lived in Havana as a tourist for about two months, becoming a local myself and understanding their spiritual life.

Many things last through the years, but Cuban money and related things are changing rapidly in Cuba and this overview is written as of 2023. This may be probably the most comprehensive review published in terms of Havana travel tips, what to see and how to travel, and what to take with you to this country.

What is the live currency exchange rate, do's and don'ts?
This is a Havana travel guide. Havana is a big city, on a very large territory. The comprehensive material contains 5000+ words or 11+ pages of text in A4 format. A lot of pictures and videos from different places have been added.

It is altogether in one post and the traveler does not have to visit different places to get information. In addition, there is a personal opportunity to ask me for additional information. I keep up to date with life in Cuba every day.

The author of the text and photos of the Cuban capital Havana is Jaak Nilson.

Other information and explanations are at the end of the post. I can also prepare a special travel plan for you for a moderate fee because not everything in the article can be covered within 2-3 days. I have been in Havana for two months. I can help you find a place to stay if you want because it's important to live in the right location to not waste valuable time. If necessary, I can provide contacts of local Cuban guides and information on movement between cities. In addition, there are places such as the tobacco country of Vinales, Cienfuegos, El Nicho waterfalls and the former sugar region of Trinidad de Cuba, and Varadero Resort and the city of Matanzas, which require a separate post.


Most of the arrivals to Cuba land at the Havana airport. You can get from the airport to the city centre by taxi in front of the airport. In 2023, a taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Havana usually costs 30 euros. This is the price per car, regardless of whether you are alone or in a group of three. If you have suitcases, they probably won't fit more than three people. Don't be alarmed if you have agreed on a price with the taxi driver, but then you are asked to walk a little distance and the taxi comes from somewhere around the corner. This is Cuba, there are middlemen in everything. Everything is safe, but don't leave your suitcases unattended for a moment.

Always haggle over the price or, for example, if you find a traveller who is also going to the old town, go together and you can split the costs among the group. This applies throughout Cuba when using a taxi.

What makes my blog post different?

* The Internet is full of free information. Most travel guides have simply listed what to do in Havana. My travel guide contains many nuances that others often don't have. A lot of photos and videos too. You get a better understanding of places.
* You have the opportunity to ask for additional information if you write to me. If you wish, I can also find you a local Cuban guide and give you advice on where to stay in Havana. This is how you save time and money on taxis.
* If you support my activity, this price also includes my Smartphone Photography E-book pdf file, which I will send to your e-mail with a password for Havana and Cuba information. And it is a free e-book on how to take better photos. I sold it on Amazon too and reviews were positive  Smartphone photography E-Book

How to buy a Havana travel guide?

Transfer 17 euros via Paypal to Jaak Nilson.
Write to me jaaknilson@gmail.com. I send you a Paypal Me link and you can easily make the payment if you have no PayPal account.

I will then send you a link and password to the blog post within 12 hours.
It's not the most convenient option, but my website doesn't offer a better solution at the moment. For sure send me a message too.

Havana forest


About me

I have been working as a photographer for 25+ years. In 2017,
I accidentally discovered Cuba for myself. I have been to the island five times so far. After the first time, I started learning salsa. In addition to photography, I also conduct smartphone photography workshops. I have spoken on the radio and written in magazines about life in Cuba.

I live in Estonia, a small northern European country. Some say the Baltic countries are Eastern Europe. Having lived under socialism during the Soviet Union, I understand the lives of Cubans very well.
It is possible that I plan to do some smartphone photography workshops for tourists in Havana in the late fall of 2023, but life will tell.

Cuba is a safe and very interesting place for open-minded tourists. 

+372 5026327

                                                                                     All the best!
                                                                             Jaak Nilson

Roof of the hotel Gran Manzana in Havana

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